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Weigh in

Well I went to my much feared weigh in last night and to my surprise - only .2 lb weight gain! I thought it was going to be 2 lbs! What a nice surprise. Turns out my new scale is WAY off apparently. Yay!

Now I need to just not get ahead of myself and gain weight with all my drinking tonight.

Happy New Year everyone! Please be safe tonight.

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Been doing ProPoints for the first week now, and it's working really good, I've lost another 0.8 kg. And yesterday my new WW cookbooks and shopping guide arrived. As much as I love the shopping guide, if the book gets any bigger it will be too heavy to carry around soon. I mean, more than 500 pages?!? The books look great, though. One is a "basic" book, with recipes for every occasion - breakfast, snacks, main courses, for guests etc. The other one seems very German to me: it's schnitzel recipes all the way *lol* It's perfect for tomorrow, though. I'm going to stay at my parents' house and I know my father would complain about "not being saturated" if there isn't some 'proper' meat in his lunch. So I will try making the WW equivalent of a classic - Viennese Schnitzel.
Also, I really like WW customer service. With my order they sent me a small booklet in which the new ProPoints for the older WW cookbooks are listed. Cool - so I can stop re-calculating those myself.

Today will probably a big challenge: it's my grandmother's 80th birthday and we're all invited for lunch. I have no idea what will be on the menu, though...

Just an update

I hate putting this stuff on my personal LJ, but wanted to post my loss thus far. I actually lost 0.6 lbs this past week (even with TWO Thanksgiving dinners) so I'm on a WW high right now. I'm almost at my 10%! =D

Hope everyone else has stayed on track. If not, there is still time to hop back on that horse before the rest of the holidays catch up to us!

Name: Valerie
Age: 25
Height: 4'11
SW (starting weight): 164 lbs
CW (current weight): 149.6 lbs
GW (goal weight): 120 lbs

Question for you - maybe others can sympathize. Losing weight is great don't get me wrong, but has anyone else felt kinda sad when your daily points goes down one? I feel like I have to completely re-work my week so that I can still be full. Anyone else have this problem? Any work-arounds?

I know it's not that big of a deal and I feel guilty for feeling this way.
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Weigh in

Ok so I had my weight in which was good considered I'm that week that all we women dread.
I had a loss of 1.1 kg/ 2.4 lbs so I'm happy. 7 kg (15.4 lbs) in total for 5 weeks
My new stats are:

SW: 94.7 kg / 208.7 lbs
CW: 87.7 kg / 193.3 lbs
GW: 85 kg / 187.4 lbs (my 10% goal)

Could Somebody explain to me the tags? Some I understand but what does: nsv and sv mean?
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weighing yourself on a home scale

hey. i'm wanting to restart ww again. only issue is, i want to do it at home with weighing myself on my own scale. (i can't afford to go to the meetings let alone drive myself there.. as i don't have a DL and its takes far to long by bus.)

so, when is it the accurate time to weigh yourself? in the morning when you first get up, and after you go to the bathroom as well as before eating any food?

i have a ww scale from the first time i did ww. i'm glad i kept it.

Week 2

Saturday morning, my second weigh in. This week the scales showed me 117.2 kg (258 lbs), which means I've lost another 3 lbs this week. Not bad at all :)
During the week I had one pretty messed up day. Not that I was binging chips or sweets, but the lunch I made on Tuesday (a quiche with Brussels sprouts) should have been enough to eat for Wednesday as well. Well, it would have been, hadn't I eaten it all on Tuesday already. So that day's overall points summed up to 42 - ouch! (I'm allowed 24) At least I returned to my plan on Wednesday. And I've learned one lesson: not to make that quiche when I'm home alone. It's far too tasty and I need help finishing it off in one day ;)

Plus: I found a new way of getting out of the house more: I've started as a volunteer dog walker at one of our dog's homes. It's 'only' walking, but still. And it's a lot of fun, too. Going back there today.

Now the usual plan for Saturday morning: writing down the menu for the weekend and going shopping (another one of my regular exercises - you ever did the shopping for WW without a car? Carrying all the fruit and vegetable home is better than some gym classes).

Also, I probably have to buy a new pullover or something. I actually didn't really want to do this before I lost one size, but I'm going to go on a short holiday to London next weekend, and need something I can wear at the theatre in the evening (going to see John Barrowman, one of my favourite actors/singers, on stage! *yay*). So if my usual outfit doesn't fit properly yet, and I doubt that it does, although I will of course try, I need something new.

That short trip is of course next week's challenge: how to live on restaurant food and takeaways only and still stick to my dietary plan. On the other hand: my mother's coming with me, and she'll sure be happy to help me in that department.

Oh, and I forgot to say: I'm 'officially' joining WW again. For WW Online you currently don't have to pay the sign-up fee (at least on the German site), and I figured their tools, recipes etc. would be helpful. Will sign up later when I've returned from my shopping trip.
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Week 1 and first weigh in

Finished the first week and just had my first weigh in. I'm down from 120.6 kg (266 lbs) to 118.5 kg (261 lbs) *does happy dance*
A great start to keep me motivated. I managed to stick to my plans for most of the week. Only yesterday I definitely didn't use enough of my points. Got a problem with the pipes in my bathroom that kept me occupied the whole evening and spoiled my appetite, so I unfortunately skipped dinner - which should have been the main meal of my day :(
On the plus side, I had a lot of workout over the last three days. My company was moving into a new building and I can't even begin to imagine how many boxes of files I carried out of the office. Must have hauled around a few hundred kilos. Who needs a fitness centre when he has a tightfisted employer ;)

Now I would like to make the plan for today. Only I need to call my sister before (which isn't a good idea at 8am, so I need to wait a few hours) - we're going to the theatre tonight and I need to know if she wants to eat out before, so I can bear that in mind when calculating points.


How many of you weigh in between meetings (if you go). Why or why not?

If you don't go to meetings, how often do you weigh yourself? Once a week, twice a week, daily?

My second meeting isn't until Sunday, but I weighed myself last night. I just don't know if I'm getting an "accurate" reading or if I'm jinxing myself. Scale at home shows that I've lost 2.9 lbs on day four. Just don't want to get my hopes up, you know?

Weigh In Update and call for recipes!

Hello All-- First my weigh in info

SW: 225 (Summer of 2007ish)
Last Week: 158.5
This Week: 155. 5
GW: 140 or a Size 8, whichever comes first.

Which brings me up to 69.5lbs total lost (!!) Also today I went and packed up on groceries for a few weeks (our fridge is dismal looking...) and had a little bit of a rough time carrying everything home (live in NYC and walk/carry everything..well everywhere..) and for some reference stepped on the scale holding all the bags and lo and behold -- 230lbs! I was carrying all that extra weight I just used to have on my body and it was great being able to put it down. :)

Also today at the green grocer I was reminded that it was fall by the skyrocketing prices of fruit and the appearance of squashes of all shapes and sizes, and little eggplants too! I know some people use spaghetti squash instead of pasta.... but was wondering if anyone else had awesome WW recipes for these gourds. (Not only are they WW friendly but at .45 cents a pound they're great on the pocketbook too)

Thanks in advance!