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NSV x2

Hey all,

I haven't posted in awhile, because being up at camp I wasn't doing points...just watching my portion sizes and what I ate, but not counting, to hard when I couldn't cook anything.

Well, I got home and have been having a pretty crappy time watching what I'm eating, and I still have had 2 NSV that I'd like to share.

My rings are loose on me. Loose enough that one of them slipped off yesterday. I'm afraid to take it in to get made smaller until I really need to and I'm not at that point yet, but I know I need to be very careful and keep an eye on them now! I can't wait until I really need to get them resized!

I brought a pair of pants awhile ago that I've never worn. They were my size, I just didn't like how I looked in them and thought I looked fat. I put them on today and they look great...and are even a bit lose. So of course, I had to wear them out today.

I know I need to get back to counting points. I know I need to get the ok from my doc to go back and start working out again. But right now, this is where I'm at and I'm happy I've gotten here. I have no idea what the number on the scale says, and I'm almost happier that I don't, but I can see the changes. Back when I was sticking to everything I wasn't able to see the changes to the extent that I can now, I like seeing them. I do know I need to weigh myself to double check the amount of points. With my school schedule I won't be able to get to my meeting, I'm thinking of doing e-tools only. I'll see though if I can be succesful at that, or else I'm just going to have to find another meeting leader that I like.

I just had to share with people who understand what it's like!


So I wanted to be really serious this week and get to the gym a lot and not use any 35 points. I told myself I could use any activity points I earned but none of the 35.

By now I know that if I use all 35 I won't lose and will most likely gain.

Anyway, I will have been to the gym FIVE days this week after tomorrows workout and two of those days I got up at 5 a.m. to do a spin class before work. I am so proud! It wasn't even that bad. I know asking for five days every week is a lot but I KNOW I can at least get in four.

Today I went over points by 5 and dipped into the 35. I started to feel really upset but stopped myself. I thought how this week I got so much activity and how I used ONLY FIVE.

Now, unfortunately Aunt Flow came today so I hope she doesn't hinder my loss Saturday.
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I'm so excited right now, this is unbelievable.

I went shopping today and bought a size 6 pair of jeans at American Eagle. I've never worn a six (at least not as far as I can remember) in my life. When I started WW I was squeezing into 10s and told myself if I could get down to an 8 I'd be happy...I didn't think I'd ever reach a 6!! And AE was having a promotion where you get a free t-shirt with any pair of jeans, so yay free stuff :)

Second, I went to Old Navy and bought some two-piece swimsuits (2 tops and bottoms to mix n match). I've never worn a 2 piece in my life, and so, this is my other big accomplishment. It was really hard for me to just go in and try them on, honestly. Even in losing the weight, I still wasn't sure I could be confident enough to have my body on display to the world. But then I realized, so what if I don't look like the tanned, toned model in the bathing suit ad. I look like a REAL person, and so do most other people at the beach!

Some of you have asked me to post progress pics of myself, which I PROMISE I will do soon! I'm so lazy when it comes to using Photobucket :P

NSV- xposted

and i need to reiterate.. this is NOT scale related.. because i have been horrible.. my period along with my dad's cancer stuff has sent me into a tail spin!!!! but.. i am kicking up my excersize... so tonight i got some bad news... the worst news thus far.. and i DID not reach for a loaf of bread... i got on the treadmill.. and RAN.. yes RAN... i have been working on running for 30 second time intervals then walking to recover and doing it all over again.. in my 2.5 mile, hour regimine i run about 10 times, again.. only at 30 second intervals.. but tonight.. filled with saddness and anger i ran for FIVE FULL MINUTES!!!!!! and to top it off it only took me about a minute to recover...

now a question because by now you know that i always have one...
anti-depressants, anti-anxiety med takers: do your meds affect your work out.. i was tempted to take something (anti-anxiety non daily med) while waiting for news.. i didn't and i wonder if it would have had affected my workout.. would i have been sluggish? would it have affected my breathing? something to talk to my dr about for sure but i thought i'd ask since i was posting anyway...



i had a total non-scale victory today when i decided to run to the grocery store - some 2 miles away - instead of driving there. i was thinking to myself as i was making my grocery list that it would be sort of funny to say i had run to the grocery and then actually, literally, run there, when all of a sudden i said "why the hell not?", and i did it.

i felt super accomplished when i was done. walking home with three bags of groceries banging against my knees was a bit anticlimactic, though.

along the same lines, i have completed three 5k's this summer. once upon a time, i was so out of shape that it seemed impossible that i would ever be able to run just one mile without having to stop to walk 30 seconds into the endeavor. once upon a time i called it a life's dream to complete just one 5k -- and now i've done three!
Got insulin?

just a small nsv

Just a teeny tiny NSV, but yesterday my husband and I went over to my parents' house for dinner and my dad could not stop raving about how good I look.  It was so nice to hear!  I have lost 17.4 lbs in the last two months and haven't really seen my dad since I started WW.
He is the first person (aside from my husband) to comment on my weight loss, so it felt really great to hear those things!


So now that etools has a tracker for body measurements, I finally decided to keep track of my measurements so maybe I would feel a little bit better about the slow pace of the scale moving downward.

Last month, on May 5, I took my first set of measurements.  Two nights ago, I took another set of measurements and I'm happy to report my progress!

Bust:     -2.5 inches
Waist:   -1.5 inches
Hips:     -2.0 inches
Thighs: -1.5 inches
Arms:    - 1 inch

That's a total of 8.5 inches lost in 5 weeks!  I'm simply amazed by this.  I've only lost 8 lbs, so I'm just shocked at the change when I see it in numbers!

Apparently the running is working!
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Identifying Success

I want to thank those of you who offerred supportive words a few days ago as I clambored to try to NOT become a WW dropout.  I swear that though I have only been active here for a few months that my behind has been bailed out on several occasions by the support I have found here, and I mean my thanks sincerely.

After my "I am about to drop out of WW and go eat a stack of pizzas" moment I managed to have two days where I was OP.  While I am still working to eat the right things all the time rather than spend my points on Lime Tostidos (hello, have you had these?   omg.)  or a slice of lemon torte at today's teacher appreciation luncheon, I am glad that I have at least stayed more or less on target.  

Two hours ago I decided to stop cleaning my office and make a run to the store to buy more storage bins.   Heck, while I'm there I figure I'll run into SuperBigGroceryStore and pick up a few essentials.   As I am leaving the house a little voice (a hungry voice) says, "Hmm, maybe you should eat a little something first.   You're going to be hungry by the time you get to the supermarket."  I staunchly ignored this voice, intent on my errands, and sure enough I was famished by the time I got to the grocery store.  I found myself contemplating some major temptation...   looking a bags of Pirates Booty and frozen deep dish pizza and who knows what all.   A brief moment of "I will go get a veggie burger from BK - no fries (yeah right)" or "Thai takeout?"   I was so hungry.

My success came when I marched myself up to the counter (eyeing the candy bars, I have to admit), plunked down my berries, my yogurt and my kombucha and told myself I was going to go home and make a low point veggie burger with no freaking cheese, and steam a pile of broccoli.  Which I did.   I just finished eating a hefty amount of broccoli with lemon and garlic, and a chipotle black bean burger on a light english muffin for a grand total of about 2 points, depending on whether you count broccoli as 0 or 1 point.   Either way I managed to avoid a trainwreck and helped myself renew hope that I might be able to become healthily anchored in and committed to this process once again. 

So the moral of the story is eat a damn snack before you go grocery shopping, and keep plenty of broccoli on hand.  (?)

Stay strong.


Last night I went shopping at Bath and Body works where I picked up the bathrobe that was L-XL thinking I'll wear it later.

It fits very well! *GLEE*

(before that might have been a bit snug on me.. so YAY!
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