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The Benefits of Strength Training

I've long known that strength training is beneficial, but for some reason, I still always seem to focus more on cardio (for burning calories). I still try to lift weights off and on when I remember it, but it's hard for me to stick to that routine on a regular basis.

Last week I joined a class called Kettlebells (and let me tell you, THAT was a workout! OUCH!)

The interesting observation though, was stats relayed to me from my Bodybugg. Last Wednesday, I ran for 10 minutes and then did Kettlebells. I burned a total of 2300-some calories for the day.

The next day (Thursday) I did not go to the gym, since I was going to an NHL game. The only activity I got that day was walking to/from the Metro, etc. However, I burned 2700 calories for the day! More than the previous day when I actually worked out at the gym!!!

This was a real eye opener to me-that the effects of my strength training workout were lasting into the following day and allowed me to burn more calories than I would have normally at rest. Amazing.

I just thought I'd share this information with you all. It was PROOF. Solid proof of how important strength training is. I am definitely making it more of a priority from here on out.

Oh -and if you haven't tried kettlebells, I would definitely recommend it!
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Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone has tried the P90X videos? Or does anyone have a recommendation on a good workout DVD? I want to incorporate some more weight training into my workouts and am trying to find a good DVD. Thanks so much! :)
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workout videos

Hey everybody, I'm not sure how many people here do workout videos, but I have been getting more into them lately because I hate making time to get to the gym. Anyways, I know last year everybody was all abuzz about the 30 day Shred (which is one of my favorites!) But, I just wanted to let you guys know that right now (not sure how long the sale lasts) Amazon is having up to 50% off all dvds, including workouts!

I'm thinking about getting a biggest loser video and maybe another Jillian Michaels. I was able to borrow Biggest Loser: Cardio Max from the library (I was SO SURPRISED when I found it there!) and it KILLS my butt and thighs. Oh man, I was like holding onto things to sit down hahaha. I liked the biggest loser video a lot because it had the contestants on there while they were still contestants, so they weren't some ripped person who looked like the exercises were easy, they all were sweating and working hard! I've also tried Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga, and found it to be a pretty good workout. I'm not terribly into yoga though, so not for me.

Anyways, just thought I'd share. I'm a lifetimer who is trying to stay on track..I haven't been to a meeting in over 2 months:( I have been weighing in lately (at home) at 5lbs or so over my goal weight. Not happy about that, but trying to get back down there! I wanna be going to meetings weekly..It really keeps me on track. Last year my resolution was to get to my goal weight and then keep the weight off! And I did it! So this year the resolution is to continue keeping the weight off..I start WW June of 2008, and I made goal in February of 2009!!
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Fitdecks Workout

I posted about this in a comment, but thought others could also benefit when looking for options to ear Activity Points.

If you are looking for a new workout that can be customized from day to day in terms of intensity, duration, and exercises, check out Fitdecks.


They have a ton of different titles, and most do not require any equipment. I bought 3 decks: bodyweight, core blast, and cross train. I love them and keep me from getting bored.
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Working Out

I've been losing weight steadily just counting points but know that I need to start working out for my health and to tone up! Baby belly is a disaster! But....I'm having a really hard time getting in a workout and I know that a lot of people may say, find the time, etc but with a 12 week old, nursing, work, grad school, by the end of the day I'm beat. Add on cold weather that I can't take baby girl outside for walks it makes it hard. I've been using my baby carrier when we go to the stores so I have her additional weight while I'm walking around (plus my hands are free to grab things, so much nicer than a stroller!) and I've been doing push ups/sit ups in the am before baby gets up. But I'm struggling to get cardio in. I have a lot of DVD's but most are at least 30 minutes and I have a hard time finding the time to get that in, plus changing into workout clothes, getting cleaned up afterwards all while baby cooperates.

I'm trying to get her on some sort of schedule so I can add cardio into my routine, but was thinking that maybe there is some sort of baby and me cardio workout I could do.....any ideas?

Living healthy!

So I've been maintaining my weight successfully for a little while now...hit my goal back in the middle of the summer, and I've been Lifetime for probably 1 1/2-2 months? I've been trying to weigh in every 2 weeks instead of once a month; I think it keeps me on track better. Still going to my meeting every week, though!

Had a good experience at the doctor 2 weeks ago. I have scoliosis (an abnormal spine curvature) but it's too advanced for a brace and yet not bad enough for surgery. So we were talking about how I could curb my lower back pain and he said that really my best option was to work out and really strengthen the muscles. But, he did say I was at a good weight, which I was really happy about! It just feels so good when a doctor actually says to you that you're in good shape. He did stress not to gain more weight because that would make the condition worse. To tell the truth, I never really noticed a difference in my back pain when I lost the 20lbs, but I feel if I hadn't gone on the program I would be much heavier now and my back pain would definitely have gotten worse.

I'm actually really glad he told me about how working out would be good for my back. I was debating joining a gym for a while but I felt it was a waste of money b/c there's a gym at my school. But when I'm at school, I don't have time to work out and it's kind of a hike for me to drive there on weekends just for the gym, so I joined Planet Fitness for $10/month. So now, I can strengthen my back and maintain my weight, and I think the timing is great too b/c it's starting to get cold now and I haven't been going out to walk much.

Oh, and Happy Halloween!

Week 2

Saturday morning, my second weigh in. This week the scales showed me 117.2 kg (258 lbs), which means I've lost another 3 lbs this week. Not bad at all :)
During the week I had one pretty messed up day. Not that I was binging chips or sweets, but the lunch I made on Tuesday (a quiche with Brussels sprouts) should have been enough to eat for Wednesday as well. Well, it would have been, hadn't I eaten it all on Tuesday already. So that day's overall points summed up to 42 - ouch! (I'm allowed 24) At least I returned to my plan on Wednesday. And I've learned one lesson: not to make that quiche when I'm home alone. It's far too tasty and I need help finishing it off in one day ;)

Plus: I found a new way of getting out of the house more: I've started as a volunteer dog walker at one of our dog's homes. It's 'only' walking, but still. And it's a lot of fun, too. Going back there today.

Now the usual plan for Saturday morning: writing down the menu for the weekend and going shopping (another one of my regular exercises - you ever did the shopping for WW without a car? Carrying all the fruit and vegetable home is better than some gym classes).

Also, I probably have to buy a new pullover or something. I actually didn't really want to do this before I lost one size, but I'm going to go on a short holiday to London next weekend, and need something I can wear at the theatre in the evening (going to see John Barrowman, one of my favourite actors/singers, on stage! *yay*). So if my usual outfit doesn't fit properly yet, and I doubt that it does, although I will of course try, I need something new.

That short trip is of course next week's challenge: how to live on restaurant food and takeaways only and still stick to my dietary plan. On the other hand: my mother's coming with me, and she'll sure be happy to help me in that department.

Oh, and I forgot to say: I'm 'officially' joining WW again. For WW Online you currently don't have to pay the sign-up fee (at least on the German site), and I figured their tools, recipes etc. would be helpful. Will sign up later when I've returned from my shopping trip.
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100 lbs!

Okay, I didn't lose it. I deadlifted it today. 8 reps.
I consider that a major NSV (kinda of like those of you who run 5Ks and such, but I'm really a lifter, not a runner.)
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what doesn't add up?

So I've been doing WW for almost three full years now. In August I joined Spark People to get a different breakdown on my eating. Very odd--some days I've eaten all my points but have calories left. But more frequently I have eaten all my calories but have points left over. This is probably because after 3 years of WW I have the house full of high fiber foods and eat these regularly by preference.

My weight has started to go back down, happily, which I believe has nothing to do with either tracking method. I think it's because a dance studio opened near my home and I went from doing an hour or so of cardio a week (but serious heavy lifting 3+ hours a week, which I am still doing) to taking 3-5 dance classes a week. The Bollywood especially are every bit as difficult as the most difficult aerobics classes I've ever taken, but much more fun! (Hey, we wear pretty scarves and our teacher gives us bindi!) I also do two belly dance classes a week (one tribal and one cabaret--they are far more similar than different and are good complements, but the tribal teacher is fabulous) and one flamenco class. I would take more flamenco but this is the only one offered. I didn't know if I would enjoy flamenco, but it's wonderful fun to dance! Far more difficult than it appears (I cannot quite get the arched back and the attitude. Yet. One of these days...)

So I think the huge jump in exercise makes the difference and the weight is starting to come off again. And it's fun! For people who hate exercise, it's much better to find something you enjoy than make yourself do something you don't like. And there are so many different forms of dance--if you're not interested in belly dance, or ballet, or tap, you can do Irish dancing or ballroom or salsa--the list is enormous. Or find some other activity you really enjoy--skating or playing dodgeball. But enjoying it makes all the difference.

Okay, Bollywood class tomorrow! And if I'm lucky I'll have won the flamenco shoes on ebay. Flamenco shoes are so expensive that I have been using character shoes. I didn't want to commit that much money until I knew I liked the class, but now I not only adore flamenco, but find that the ball of my right foot often hurts after class. There is a lot of stomping in flamenco. The real flamenco shoes are better made for the exercise. And hey, new shoes! Too much fun!
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Working out - Busy Time

Alright, I have my “busy” schedule starting next week and I’d love some advice on when (and possibly what) exercise to do in my “off” time.

Here is my schedule as of now:
Monday – work until 5/6ish

Tuesday – work until 4, dance (teach ballet, take aerobics(1hr), poi (.5hr), hula (.75hr), Tahitian (.75hr)), get home around 10

Wednesday – work until 4, dance (take ballet (1hr), modern (1hr), company rehearsal (2hr), get home around 10

Thursday – work until 5/6ish (spend time with Matt – has night off)

Friday – work until 5/6ish (spend time with Matt – has night off)

Saturday – at studio 9am-4 (take aerobics(1hr), jazz(1hr), Polynesian company rehearsal(2hr); help teach – modern(1hr), tap/jazz(.75hr)

Sunday – NOTHING!

So, as you can see, I’m pretty much moving constantly on Tuesday and Wednesday nights and then again on Saturday (there are more breaks on Saturday for me though… Tue/Wed is pretty much straight through from 5-9). Dance isn't always aerobic, there's a lot of stop and go (The aerobics class is usually 30-40 minutes aerobics (with some weights incorporated) and then 20-30 minutes strength training/abs/stretching).

I’d love to get some additional cardio in there as well as some yoga and/or pilates. Just not sure when the best time for those would be. I’m thinking some yoga/pilates would be good Saturday night or Sunday morning to help work out any kinks from dancing on Saturday… And I think I’d definitely like to take Thursday off completely.

Any suggestions?