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Activity Points

I'm trying to figure out how to use my Activity Points on Weight Watchers on-line. Before, it would just automatically subtract from the Activity Points instead of my Extra 35, but this time I can't figure out how to use them at all! Help?

- Trisha

HW: 240
SW: 213.8
CW: 201.8
say cheese

The new acitivity point system..

So I'm starting week 3 today and decided to go to the gym for the first time since starting.. I went to track my food and activity and had planned on going a little over and I was all confused.  So now we can eat our activity points whenever we want during the week... as long as its after our flex points? I know they changed WW a little.. am I missing out anything else? Do people find this to be working better than only having one day to be able to eat them? 

Oh and I may as well introduce myself..
Name: Molly
Age: 23
Height: 5'10''
SW: 220.0
CW: 214.6
GW: 160

New Look on Etools Weight Tracker

I lost 1.8 pounds this week! Definitely  happy with that pace. 1.6 last week, 1.8 this week. I hope to keep that going!  (oh and let me add that I'm only 6.8 lbs away from my non-obesity mark! woohoo)

But in entering my weight just now on Etools, I've discovered they've changed the look. I like!

If you have Etools, I suggest you check it out. I haven't had a chance to play around with all the new features, but it's very motivating for me to look at my weight tracking charts.

There's another feature. A new table to track your measurements-hips, thighs, waste, bust, dress size and arms! AWESOME! This will actually get me to pay attention to those measurements that I know are really important, especially when I"m not seeing the progress on the scale that I want!

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I LOVE Etools!

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no gain + etools question?

Wow. New layout! Looks good, but can we have the individual user pictures back on our posts? I kind of like recognizing people, I guess I am lame and very visual oriented and don't know people really by their user names without their pictures. But, it looks great!

So earlier in the week I said I was going to break down and finally go to meetings after being exclusively online. It wasn't bad and I didn't die. After eating every thing in site last week and going way past my weeklys and APs, I still lost 0.6lbs. Sweet, no gain. I've decided I'll be brave and go to weekly meetings.

But so here is a question. Using eTools sometimes things have half points. Like a medium banana is 1.5pts. A 1/4 of a cup of nonfat milk is 0.5pts. But the new info I finally got about the Momentum plan says to round to the next point. Are the people going to meetings having better success because you're rounding up to the next full point and not using half points? I'm confused... Thoughts?

journaling: writing it vs. e-tools

I have been doing WW since 2005 and always written down my points in the journals. I've gone through a ton of those 3 month journals!

Anyway, lately I've been getting sick of writing down the stuff. Especially now that they made the lines to write smaller and it annoys me.

Today I am tracking my points in e-tools to see how I like it. So far I like it! I feel like it makes me be a lot more accurate and catches things I might not count even it's just half a point.

How many of you made the switch to tracking online? Do you like it?

p.s. My Flat Out pizza came out awesome! I def. reccomend it! I did turkey pepperoni and black olives on mine!
the valley

etools and vegan pot pie!

Since I bought the monthly pass, I re-signed up online using my old account (which I used with WW Online before I left for camp). Since April, I've lost 10lbs... sure, it's been nearly a year, but it's so nice to know I haven't gone up, despite the moving around and living on meal-plans! :O) I'm stoked to have eTools again, the online recipe index is awesome!

I make a vegan pot pie, and it's deeeee-licious. I thought I would post the recipe. I got the basics from Sarah Kramer, author of La Dolce Vegan!, but generally you can mess around with it as you see fit :O) Personally, I skip the cayenne because I am a wimp and cannot handle spicy AT ALL. You can also de-veganize, or even de-veggie, this recipe.

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It's super yummy with a good salad, or I skip the potato in the recipe and make mashed ones on the side instead. This recipe saves my rear at every holiday - the family loves it :O)! Even the youngin's. The younger youngin's, that is...
harkness joesther

Tech help? Website related

This is slightly OT, but not really since it's got to the do with the WW site, particularly etools.

I've been using etools on my PC for ages. I've had it load up fine and work properly on my MacBook, but I just got a new iMac (the PC died) and it's not loading on there properly at all. I thought their insite links were off, so I emailed the proper URL to myself from the MacBook and tried to open it up, and yet all I'm getting on the iMac are the options for Mobile Tracking, over 40, etc. Not the tracker itself.

It's a distinct possibility that my cookies aren't set up properly, or whatever. Can any of you Mac users who use etools (or just computer geeks) help me out? Step by step instructions would be amazing.

little mermaid


Does anyone find that they are more successful with online tracking rather than paper? I have always always ALWAYS tracked online since I started WW, on may 27. I'm on the computer a lot and so it was kind of a "duh, ill use etools" sort of thing. Well, I have been doing paper recently just to try something new and I feel like I'm keeping a much more detailed account of what I'm eating, because its easier to write down the little bites and stuff you have throughout the day, instead of just what I WANT to track, which i think i had started doing on etools.
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