Weight Loss!


Starting Lbs: 178

Current weight: 162

I currently am a member of weight watchers, and i do the tummy tuck band twice a day!
I also take bee pollen once a day, also vitamin E.

Good Luck Everybody!


My work Christmas party is this Saturday and the menu looks so dangerous. I need help with estimating PPVs and making a plan. I really don't want to go overboard!

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I'm thinking of:

1. Eating something small right before I go so I'm not starving.
2. Having three light beers or vodka/Diet Cokes throughout the night, so 12 PPV.
3. Having a little plate of 0 PPV veggies, a crab/avocado shooter, and chicken skewer for appetizers.
4. Having the dinner but skipping the gravy/sauce (if possible - at least scraping it off) and rolls and maybe 1/2 cup of the risotto.
5. Having the cheesecake martini, because I will be so upset if I have to miss out on that.

My goal is to use no more than 35 PPV total, so 23 on food after subtracting the 12 PPV from alcohol.

Any ideas on PPV estimations? I'm so lost and I'm really trying to get back on track. This holiday season is killing me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. ♥

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Hello there!

Name: Laura

Age: 26

Height: 5'5"

SW (starting weight): 204lbs

CW (current weight): 204lbs

GW (goal weight): 150lbs

Hi everyone, I've just joined LJ to write about my (hopeful) weight loss. If anyone would like to add my journal please feel free to do so and perhaps we can help buddy each other along. :-)

I also have PCOS aswell and would be very interested in hearing from other people in a similar situation who are attempting to lose weight.


hi there =)

Name: Victoria
Age: 22
Height: 5'7"
SW (starting weight): 230.4
CW (current weight): 219
GW (goal weight) #1: 218.4 (5%)

also, would any of you like to be my friend on the weightwatchers website? it would be cool to have friends to help me keep track of everything! thanks! :)

Feeling snacky?

I find that winding down in the evening is the time when I'm most craving a snack.  My old habit was to wolf down crappy food while I sat in front of the computer.  Not necessarily because I was hungry, but because I needed to keep my mouth occupied, or something, and it tasted good.

I've found that having a cup of fruity herbal tea in the evenings helps to greatly reduce that urge to nibble.


hay there ladies. this is my umpteenth time doing WW. I use the old point system... i think, i've never paid for WW. I get 21 points on this system. I calculate everything myself with this formula: calories/50 + fat/12 - fiber/5 = points. Seems to work for me :) I struggled with my weight for a lonnnng time growing up. When I left my stupid husband (who always put me down for my weight - mind you I was never over 160lbs) and started eating meat (was a carbotarian :P for 10 years) I lost weight like a maniac. In the past year I've put on around 15 lbs... sooo ashamed to say that but oh well.. I'm here :D I started yesterday and LJ helped me lose 30 lbs some years ago so I'll be using this often.. at least once a week :)

Age: 25
Height: 5'4"

SBMI: 24.7
CBMI: 24.5
STBMI: 22.3
LTBMI: 20.6
SW: 144
CW: 142.8
STGW: 130
LTGW: 120
Left till STGW: 12.8 lbs
Left till LTGW: 22.8 lbs

already down 1.2 lbs since yesterday :D
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Name: Nina

Age: 29

Height: 5'3"

SW (starting weight): 230.4

CW (current weight): 188.5

GW (goal weight): 150

Anything else you wanna add:
I joined WW in March of 2012 and I've been having great success so far. However, for the last 3 weeks, I've hit my 'plateau' and it's so frustrating!! I look forward to being a part of this community and sharing tips/ideas!

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Planning on goaling....with a MD note.

So I did it...in a roundabout way! I am essentially at goal, but here's my issue.

Because I started so heavy (I was almost 350 when I started), I have SKIN....boy do I! I went to have a consult with a plastic surgeon, because no matter how hard I was working, this "arm flab" and "stomach rolls" were not going anywhere (and I seriously work hard...I am in the gym 6 days a week, and on the 7th day, I'm running).

He was AMAZED with the amount of skin I have. I am really thin-looking, outwardly, but I have "pushing 20 lbs" of skin on me, that is NOT going anywhere. I have at least 15 on my belly alone! It is going to cost me $17,550 to have an extended abdominoplasty ("tummy tuck"), brachioplasty ("arm lift") and a mastopexy ("breast lift"...I'm wearing a DD cup, but barely have a C cup's worth of actual breast tissue). Needless to say, surgery is NOT going to happen. I can't get financed.

So right now, I weigh 200 lbs. Subtract 20 lbs of skin, and I'm at 180 lbs, which is 4 lbs under 184, which is my top weight for Weight Watchers (at 6 feet tall).

I really want to make my weight loss an even 150 lbs lost, since I've lost 146.2 lbs. I've been trying for a few weeks to get down about 4 or so lbs (the lowest I've weighed is 198.8). My surgeon told me that I have "MAYBE" 5 lbs that I can lose.

With that being said, I think I'm going to get my doctor's note and goal out in the next couple of weeks. I would like to get back down to 198.8 lbs (this was period week, so I gained 1.2 this week) and make goal. That would give me the 2 lb fluctuation that I could have to get to 150 lbs lost.

The best part of all of this is that I'm HEALTHY. I have been off of all of my blood pressure meds for months now (I was on 4 at 22 years old). I am still working on my mind being 100% healthy, but that's a work in progress!

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