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Hi, I'm Helen and I'm from Dublin, Ireland. I joined WW (for about the 5th time in my life) back on 21st Jully 2011, so Ihave been on ProPoints for some time now. Our leader Gwen weighs us in Stones and pounds (14 pounds in 1 Stone) so I will refer to both in my weight losses (I  hope!)

Start weight : 18st 0lbs (252lbs)

Weight now : 14st 0lbs (196lbs)

This summer my daughter will be 18, and to celebrate we are going for a vacation to Walt Disneyworld, Florida. Although we have been there a number of times, I have never been slim, so that is my focus and my goal. I still have a way to go but I know that the closer I get to target the harder it will be to lose the pounds. I hope that by joining this community I can keep mu motivation high :-)
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