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hay there ladies. this is my umpteenth time doing WW. I use the old point system... i think, i've never paid for WW. I get 21 points on this system. I calculate everything myself with this formula: calories/50 + fat/12 - fiber/5 = points. Seems to work for me :) I struggled with my weight for a lonnnng time growing up. When I left my stupid husband (who always put me down for my weight - mind you I was never over 160lbs) and started eating meat (was a carbotarian :P for 10 years) I lost weight like a maniac. In the past year I've put on around 15 lbs... sooo ashamed to say that but oh well.. I'm here :D I started yesterday and LJ helped me lose 30 lbs some years ago so I'll be using this often.. at least once a week :)

Age: 25
Height: 5'4"

SBMI: 24.7
CBMI: 24.5
STBMI: 22.3
LTBMI: 20.6
SW: 144
CW: 142.8
STGW: 130
LTGW: 120
Left till STGW: 12.8 lbs
Left till LTGW: 22.8 lbs

already down 1.2 lbs since yesterday :D
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