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Name: Ashley

Age: 34

Height: 5' 8 or 9"

SW (starting weight): 218

CW (current weight): 204

GW (goal weight): 145

Anything else you wanna add:

I have been back and forth with my weight. Usually the only times I have been thin was with some kind of aid- last time it was pills from the 'fat doctor'. I am currently a size 17, and when I am thin I am a size 11. Size 11 may seem large but I am tall... I have a whole amazing wardrobe in size 11 and I want to wear those clothes so badly! I get on my eliptical almost every day for 20 minutes. Sometimes I do pilates. I weigh myself with a wii fit- which is lovely- it keeps track of your weight and BMI and it has fun exercises! I have never done actual WW- I want to but have no idea how to start.
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