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Hi again.

Name: Amy 

Age:  35

Height:  5' 4"

SW (starting weight):  261.2

CW (current weight): ...

GW (goal weight):  150?

Anything else you wanna add

Well, here I am again.  I just located a picture from the last time I was on WW - taken exactly 1 year ago today - after having lost 52 pounds.  I don't remember if I lost much more than that, but...it's all back, with interest, and when I last weighed myself I was at my highest weight ever.  Gulp.

My main motivator happened while I was on vacation.  My feet hurt so much from walking, and I didn't fit very well in a lot of amusement park rides.  It's also almost impossible for me to find nice clothes these days.

I have tons of material and cookbooks from the old Turnaround/Momentum plan, which I used before, and since it's what I'm most familiar with, it's the plan I've started with.  Tomorrow will be my first "weigh-in" (I began the plan on July 15)

My big problem is that I really, really enjoy food, and I admit it's been a rough week.  I'm trying to remember what I used to cook (I made a chicken chili yesterday that was TERRIBLE) and earlier this evening the neighbours were barbecuing and the smell was driving me bananas!
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