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Weight Watchers

it's not a diet. it's a lifestyle.

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Cheap and portable
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skizzylizard wrote in _weightwatchers
Hello! I'm back on WW after a year-long hiatus. It is going very well this time!

I am about to take a very low-budget, week-long trip overseas, to London. My plan is to buy some grocery staples to keep at the place where I'm staying, so I don't have to eat in restaurants. I don't want to blow my tiny budget or my WW plan. I'm also going to be on the run a lot so I need food I can take with me. Any ideas? I was thinking of a jar of peanut butter, a loaf of bread, and some apples, which isn't really the best plan so I'm looking for some ideas. Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Oh, I should mention that I'm vegetarian!

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The drugstore Boots has lunch deals which ought to fit in well with WW -- they include things like lower calorie sandwiches (I always got the egg mayo), a side of veggies, fruit or low-cal cookies or chips, and a bottle of flavored water, all for a low price. I think these were called Slimmers. There are Boots all over, but I mostly got my meals at the ones in the train stations. And usually these lunch deal items sell out by late afternoon, so unlike sandwiches at American convenience stores, these tend to be fresh.

I also took low calorie protein bars with me to replace some meals, but at the end of my 3 week trip to England I was totally sick of those!

Hope you have a great trip!

Have a lovely time in London! My husband and I went last year-great experience! Tesco is a good grocery chain that does have healthy options. WW has some nifty items over there including small breads. You may also want to look for soup in cups. I find that instant oatmeal (plain) is a good thing to have in the morning as well. You may want to think about bringing your sweetener of choice if you use one (like sweet n low or truvia) sugar was the only thing on the tables. *shrugs* In any case enjoy!

I'm a big fan of protein bars (try to get ones that don't have too much fat or sugar) and string cheese, along with fruit and veggies. See if you can get pita instead of bread- a little lighter on calories- and careful with peanut butter, a little goes a long way.

I travel much for work and lost a lot of my SW just from realizing that if I planned carefully, I could avoid being starving hungry and forced to stop at McDonalds.

For sweets on the go, I'm a big fan of meringue cookies, which tend to be about a PP a cookie. I find meringues very sweet and hard to eat too many of in one sitting.

My staples on my last road trip were Quaker instant multigrain hot cereal in Apple Cranberry Almond, 2 of those are like 6 points. You can make it with hot water from coffee maker at the hotel room.

My on the go meal replacement are Clif`s Builder bars. They are a bit too sweet, and on a higher point scale, but they fill me quite well (20g of protein) and can be carried in a purse.

Another thing I discovered were ready to heat vegetarian chilis, in an easy to open can, and in worst case scenerios can be eaten cold. Not pleasant, but better than starving.

When I miss my fake meats on road, I eat Primal Strips, vegan soy jerky and is yummy.

Having said all of that, I hear London is fantastic for veggie cuisine. If it were me, I would eat at least 3 meals out at a high rated veggie restaurant. Just don`t waste points on crap food, save some cash by bringing some food from home, walk and sightsee for extra points, and indulge in smaller portion delicious foods. Happy Cow should be of help :)

Have fun on your trip!

Peanut butter is real "bomb of calories", it is better to replace it with natural almonds (7 almonds a day = 1 WW point). My staple in travels - dates fruits, 2 dates = 1 point. Instead of bread I eat Wassa multigrain flatbreads, it is light and works well, 2 flats = 1 point.
If you can cook at the place where you're staying, Whole Grain Rolled Oats is wonderful as a breakfast, it keeps you full for several hours, and it is "good" carbos for sugar level in blood.(Half-cup of oats + 1 cup of boilng water and 1 t.s. of milk (or without milk, if you are strong vegetarian), cook for 5 minutes = 3 WW points).
1 apple a day = 05. point
Also you need some hot meal during the day, it may be soup like this:
Miso soup.
If you can buy some veggies (cucumbers, carrot, at least one per day), it will be great.

You could do granola bars (I like the Fiber One 90-calorie granola bars for 2pts -- the Fiber One brownies are 2pts too but I can imagine they could get smooshed easily). Also, oatmeal! You can take several packets in a container and maybe take a travel container to put water in then heat up. Alternatively you can buy the individual 4-pack of oatmeal that Weight Watchers sells. I absolutely LOVE them for traveling. =P Dry cereal too, like kashi or Fiber One cereal is good for quick on-the-go meals if you don't mind eating them without milk. (I hate milk, so this is always fine for me.)

Good luck and have fun!! I'm doing a trip abroad to London/Paris/Rome next year to celebrate (hopefully) hitting my goal weight. =D I wouldn't worry too much about staying on your WW points budget as I'm sure you'll do LOTS of walking and gain activity points. You should totally enjoy the local cuisine. :3

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