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My progress thus far!

 I have done a couple entries on here since I started weight watchers, but I feel like I should update more often (to keep myself more accountable!). Soooo, here's some numbers!

Starting Weight: 195lbs - September 4th, 2011
Current Weight: 179lbs - November 6th, 2011
Weight change: -16lbs in two months!

I've had weird weeks where I gain a pound (only happened once!) and then weird weeks where I've lost 3 lbs, but generally, I'm loosing about a pound and a half a week and I haven't started exercising yet. Does anyone have any good exercise things to do at home and without a video or equipment (except for free weights)? That's the hardest part of working out is I don't have any equipment, not tons of places to go walk/run, and not a lot of time. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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