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Pleased with myself

My mother and I just started WW almost a week ago, and we went on a trip for a few days. Though I was worried about how this would effect my eating habits, considering the abundance of bad choices and GREAT restaurants. Also, when I go on trips, I tend to want to eat the foods that are not available to me where I live.

My anxiety turned out to be what saved me (in a way). I went out for chinese with my mom and my fiance. I got Chicken & Broccoli, with white rice instead of fried rice. I also only had two crab rangoon, compared to like 6. They are my favorite part of getting chinese food. For dinner, I half a small brick oven pizza with spinach, fresh mushroom and sun-dried tomatoes. My one bad thing was an icee at the movies, but I didn't get any candy or popcorn.

Today, I had a simply fit meal for breakfast at IHop. My lunch was complete junk because we were in a hurry.

I was within my points (though I will probably dig into my flex points tonight) because I stuck to entrees, no appetizer, no dessert, in each restaurant we went to. Hopefully that makes a difference.
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