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Weight Watchers

it's not a diet. it's a lifestyle.

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Earth Fairy
nikkilive14 wrote in _weightwatchers
Does anyone have  good at home, no expensive equipment, solution to arm wings? I can't go to a gym and I do have a Jane Fonda Work out tube, but its not targeting that specific place for me. I know if i don't start working on it now they will become bigger and more stubborn as I lose weight... HELP PLEASE ???

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Tricep dips! All you need is a chair: http://www.healthy-bride.com/files/images/tricepsdips.jpg

Also, adjustable dumbbells are inexpensive and so versatile. I've been using the same pair for 10 years now. There are SO many effective exercises you can do with them. Just google "tricep exercises dumbbells" and you'll find a bunch of ideas for targeting arm wings.

Seconding the triceps dips. I teach BodyPump at the gym, and no triceps exercise makes my triceps more sore than dips. Kickbacks are good, too, but you've got to have excellent technique to effectively get into the triceps with kickbacks.

Triceps pushups are good, too, but again, gotta have good technique for those.

She linked it above. In that illustration, though, her hips are too far away from the chair and she's putting too much pressure on her shoulders. So when you're dipping, bring your butt right up against the chair, like you have a mosquito bite you're trying to scratch against the edge of the chair.

I like this explanation better.

Also, you're doing cardio, right? Strengthening/toning the muscle won't get rid of fat, only cardio will. And if you make the muscle bigger under the fat, then you will just make your arm look bulkier. So make sure you're doing your cardio!

Not that I'm accusing you of having fat arms or anything. :-P

lol i do and i admitted to it with "arm wings" =)

do push ups or the plank with your hands close (like under your breast bone), and your elbows tucked in tight to your sides.


Wall pushups if regular push ups aren't effective. And I would buy some simple hand weights if you plan to work out from home.

invest in a light pair of dumbells. or honestly, you could get away with just buying one. OR find a soup can or bag of sugar. :-p

and do this exercise...

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