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Weight Watchers

it's not a diet. it's a lifestyle.

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Walk, Walk, Walk It Out!!
Earth Fairy
nikkilive14 wrote in _weightwatchers
              I'm so excited for this weeks meeting! The May 22 Walk it challenge is happening and I am going to be a part of it! Its a 5k walk  (3.1 miles) and I know I can do it. I'm going to train with the program my leader gave me and walk, walk, walk it out! =) who else is on board with me? Anyone want to be my training buddy? We can encourage each other to get ready for it and get it accomplished! I know its harder online but I'm willing to be there for YOU!   
             On the other hand I had my weigh in today.. i have gained 2 oz which put me at 202 even..... I did so good this week, exercised and all. So what happened?  I am so determined to drop to below 200lbs before May!!! I had it in my grasp and its slipped away T_T Will this keep happening?

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Sometimes you're gonna gain for no discernible reason...just keep after your program...I usually drop for a couple of weeks, then have a small gain or a break-even week. Just keep at it.

I want to participate in a 5K. I need to get myself in shape before I can do that though. GOOD LUCK!

& .2 is nothing, you'll drop 2.2 maybe next week! I can't wait to be 220!

I'm doing the WALK-!T challenge, too! I'd like to run it, but I don't think I'll have enough time to train for that. But I will definitely be walking it, and I'm trying to get about five people in my family to do it with me.

As for gaining, like others have said, sometimes it just happens. Try not to worry about it. Some weeks I've done everything wrong and lost a pound. Other weeks, I've gained a little after doing everything right. It just happens. Especially for women!

If I read right, you're still only 2 pounds from 200, and you still have several weeks to go before it's May. You can still do it! (Unless you meant April, in which case... May could be your month!) And also, sometimes, you gain for no particular reason. Maybe you had a little more salt the day before, maybe your muscles are holding onto water to repair from the exercise, maybe nothing happened at all, it was just a fluke. I had one of these last week, except it was 1.6 pounds!

I'm very excited about the Walk It challenge this year! I know I can walk a 5k easily. I'm hoping to get to the point where I can run/jog for at least half of it by the end of the challenge, which would be awesome! :) And I know you can do the 5k! :)

lol let me elaborate, I want to be significantly below, like 190.. The past few weeks I'll I've done is gain. Half a pound here, a pound there, I haven't had a loss in 3 weeks. So I'm afraid even though I'm doing better then I was those weeks, I wont make my goal.

exercising can cause your body to retain fluids. .2 (2/10 of one pound) can't easily be water retention.

if the only thing you did differently this week from last was an increase in exericse, I would almost guarantee that's what happened. your muscles changed ever so slightly and held onto water. keep pushing thru the exercise and walking challenge training guide and you'll see that weight and then some fall right back off. :-)

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