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Hey guys! I have been having an amazing breakfast all week so I wanted to share a pic and the ingredients and such.


La Banderita 8-grain 95% fat-free tortilla - 2 PP
1/3 cup Publix brand Eggstirs (though Egg Beaters work the same) - 1 PP
Laughing Cow cheese wedge - 1 PP
2/3 oz. avocado - 1 PP
tomatoes and spinach - 0 PP


I make the egg mixture in the microwave - nuke the eggs for a minute and 15 seconds, then stir in the cheese and spinach and nuke it for another 15 seconds, or however long it takes to scramble/cook all the way. I love it because Laughing Cow makes a ton of different flavors of their cheese wedges, so it's always a little different for me every week. And SO filling. You can add in salsa, FF sour cream, etc. too. I have some fruit and coffee and my whole breakfast is 7 PP and keeps me full until lunchtime.

Just thought I'd share the wealth! Happy weekend! ♥

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