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Weight Watchers

it's not a diet. it's a lifestyle.

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budget friendly ideas and recipes
dysfunctioned wrote in _weightwatchers
one of the hardest things for me is trying to stay on budget while eating healthy. i love to shop at whole foods and eat organic food, but i really cannot afford it. I have given myself a maximum of $50 to spend at the grocery store each week, for all of my meals and house/cat supplies. I hardly eat out.
Here is a list of things I typically get:

-canned beans
-canned tomatoes
-whole wheat pasta
-jarred tomato sauce
-baby carrots and grape tomatoes
-hummus ( i would love to get a food processor so I can make my own)
-frozen veggies (everything from corn to stir fry mix)
-instant light oatmeal for work
-light english muffins
-popcorn kernels for my popcorn popper( no oil needed)
-frozen pineapple
-yogurt (i do buy the individual ones only because there really isn't a huge price difference in the ones i like and sometimes if i put them in plastic containers they tend to leak during transport)
-chicken breasts (pre portioned) which i know costs more per serving but i dont need to cook for more than just myself and if i am cooking a meal which calls for a lot of chicken i would not use these

are there any other items you can suggest that will help me cut down my costs?
my one culprit is coffee! i buy k-cups because i find it an easier way to control my sugar/cream, rather than going to a coffee shop and spending more money, but i wish i could just stop with my coffee addition in general.

also, if you have any websites/books that have inexpensive/healthy meal ideas please share! i usually make a big meal on the weekend that will last me a few days at least, like soup or chili.


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What about cooking chicken breasts and pre-portioning them yourself? I also buy a lot of things and freeze them when they are on sale or store them.

What about buying instant oatmeal in the large container to make at home instead of the packets. It takes just a few moments longer but for the price its much more cost effective.

Also, there are a lot of options for vegetarian meals that help cut down on the cost of meat, just google or look at hungry girl.

I love www.skinnytaste.com for meal ideas.

Dry beans are cheaper than canned beans, and beans like lentils don't have to be soaked overnight first. I just got into preparing dry beans rather than out of the can.

Could you buy a K-Cup that you can fill yourself, like this?

I also recommend buying your staples at Aldi if you have one near you. You can buy I would say 90% of what is on your list there, and everything is much less expensive. They also conveniently have all of their healthier choices in the same "Fit & Active" packaging, so it is easy to spot.

that is a great idea.. plus u dont have to waste so much!

I did a black beans and rice meal that came out very good and cost very little to make, plus is low point value. The recipe is over in the community what_a_crock.

Here's the direct link to the recipe (this could be done on the stovetop, too): Black Bean Soup over Rice

Your usuals sound awesome. I buy most of that and the only thing i add is a bag of dehydrated vegetables which i add to almost anything i cook. The only thing I suggest, and it is a major life change, but I switched to only drinking coffee on weekends.

oh trust me, i need to break my addiction..i have other bad addictions i am to kick to the side right now though as wel, so coffee is on the backburner haha.

i have never seen dehydrated vegetables! where do you purchase them?

p.s. is that your kitty? sooo cute!!!!

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