rude and provocative (omgyes__) wrote in _weightwatchers,
rude and provocative

so this is my fourth (?) time back on WW and i have a real issue

my first week back on i was using a calculator application I downloaded from the Android Market because I was waiting on my calculator to be shipped, and while I understand everything isn't going to be 100% accurate i pretty much went on the points values i was able to caluclate as the points value of the foods i was eating and beverages i was drinking.

now i have my calculator, and the two books and when i calculate the points of Vodka and Wine with my calculator, I get 1 point for both. HOWEVER, when i look in my book, it says 4 points for each per serving! so now i'm devastated because when i thought i was drinking 4 points of wine i was really drinking 20 points of wine, and it really upset me as i found out the day before i weighed in. i still lost 3+ pounds, but a lot of that is likely due to the fact that my eating habits are changing for the better.

i just don't understand what "formula" they're using to compute wine/liquor in the book, because when i put in the nutrition facts that are plainly listed on the websites of the products i drink, i get a 3 point difference?? it just seems like WW doesn't want me to drink and it pisses me off tbqh
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