beep beep (removeyourpants) wrote in _weightwatchers,
beep beep

PP is rad

Welp, weighed in after the first week of trying PointsPlus and I lost 4 lbs.
We had a load of members who had been stuck on plateaus all lose. It was glorious. I'm surprised people weren't screaming, that's how high energy it was. So bye bye lingering skepticism, you are a waste

PS have you found that your eating habits have changed? I feel full like all the time and I'm pretty sure it's the fruit. I never realized how damn filling it is but I find that it curbs cravings WAY more than those 1 pt fudge bars or lowfat popcorn. That stuff always leaves me in the mood for more...mmm fudge.

Good luck! I wanna hear about your results too!
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