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Need a Food Diary App for Android

I'm crossposting this, since I need help.

I have long believed that the key to healthy habits, including weight loss, is not in 'being good' but in making goodness easy. The longer, more circuitous and more unpleasant the path to health is, the less likely one is to follow it.

Well, lately I have discovered that my toolset is not good enough and I need help improving it. I set myself a simple goal, not even requiring me to measure things carefully or stick to a specific point/calorie rationing system: write down everything I eat.

Write down everything I eat. When I just keep track of everything I consume, I inevitably make better, more reasonable choices. When I write down everything that I eat, I lose weight. When I meander away from this habit, I gain.

Well, I haven't been doing it. This weekend was particularly bad. The reason for this is that while my poor man's tracking spreadsheet is awesome, it's tethered to computers that can handle google docs. My most omnipresent and useful computer, my android smartphone, cannot handle google docs. Soooo, I go to parties and events at restaurants or other people's houses and I totally fail to track and I (FOR INSTANCE) gain nearly seven pounds in a week. :P

I need a free food diary program for Android.

A spreadsheet would do, but a food diary would be best. If it's really good, I'm willing to pay a few bucks for it, but it at the very least needs to be more convenient and attractive than simply writing a list in my notepad program. So I turn to you, the internet. Help a fella out, won't you?

Any ideas or suggestions would help!

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