Anna (acejka) wrote in _weightwatchers,

Thinking about joining again...but a ? first.

So I've been don't post often, I've been doing the program with my calculator and a notebook and having some success but I 'haven't been sticking to it very well...

I was going to either rejoin for the new program or do a completely dffrent diet.

My question is, with the new program, how much is a can of coke? I don't have a calculator and that will be the deciding factor for me, I have a can of coke every other day and I won't give it up its my guilty pleasure. I don't want to join if its going to be out of the question to contnue with that. From what I hear the points are jumping way up on foods and since I don't have a new calc yet can someone who does help me out on this?

coke-140 cal. 0 fat 0 protein, 45 sodium 39 carbs 39 sugarl

Thanks in advance.


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