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good health guidelines question

Name: Becky
Age: 24
somewhere between 5'2' and 5'3"
SW (starting weight):
CW (current weight):
GW (goal weight): for now, 226

Had a bit of a gain this week. :( Was not too pleased. Especially due to two factors--
*I was on a four week losing streak, the longest I'd ever been on so was thinking oh wow, its going t be five weeks now!......yeah, not so much.
*I was about 1.4lbs (which is like a weekly loss I've seen a few times along this journey, has kind of become almsot average or expected, lol) away from getting my ten pound star. Well, technically I was 1.2 away, but like I said, I'd lost 1.4 quite a few times before...a lot more often than 1.2.

So, went up in one of those gains where it looks like more. I went from 242.4 to of course you don't look at the decimals and its like ughh I went up a whole two pounds (....heck, probably the only thing that kept me going the whole 2 pounds is I peed this morning, lol)

Anyway, I ended getting to the meeting fairly early so the leader was still doing the getting started spiel when we (my mother and I) sat down. So, I'm sitting there, slightly despondent and trying not to be too pouty as we wait for our meeting to start. I'm in our usual spot, which is sort of front and center, right by the meeting materials and everything. So, in my sad-sack moment I was right in eyeline with the GHG poster. The more I sat there, the more that poster marinated in my brain.

I've kind of let go of my goal (hope) of reaching 10 percent/25lbs by my birthday. It just ain't happening....this isn't me being pesimisitc, just realistic and doing the math: 18 pounds in seven weeks. I'd *have* to average exactly 2.6 for every weigh in until then, and its.......I'm not sure how possible, for me, that is.

So, in lieu of that, I think I'm going to drop the #s+alotted time goal. It just feels like too much pressure. I think I could change in my former goal for aiming for 5% by then, but its like oh god if I gain again between now and then, then I feel all failure-y.
Instead, I think I'm going to focus on more reliable goals....less obsessed with the numbers, more on actions.

Which leads me back to the GHGs. My goal now is to focus more on my GHGs. I've been focusing a lot more on just eating my points and working out....and if I get in my GHGs while doing that, awesome. I want to be more concious of those.

I mentioned this in my meeting...sort of along the lines of change and pointing out that many times in the past, if I weighed in and had a gain I'd get upset and leave, not stay for the meeting. And today I was tempted to do that but told myself to stay. (Got a bravo for that, :D) anyway my leader and I were talking about my plan for the GHGs and we went though what ones I need to work on. I have no problem getting the water in. That's pretty much all I drink, plus the occasional diet coke and/or coffee (mostly black+splenda from DD, though sometimes I get a Starbucks blended drink). I get some of my frutis and veggies in, but definately not enough to reach the daily requirement. I get my activity in at the gym. And get some dairy in, but again not enough for my requirement. Grains usually aren't a problem. I'm a bit of a wheat fan. And I get in my lean proteins with no problem.

The areas where I *never* make a dent in are the mulitvitamin/mineral and oils. I finally got myself a bottle of vitamins today (got the generic version of Women's One-A-Day). I'm planning on going to the groccery store later today and getting, among many other things, some oils to aid the whole GHG plan.

My question are some good ways to get them in? I'm not much of a cook, so the easier the better, lol. The only thing I can think of is marinading chicken in olive oil before cooking it for dinner. But that's it, lol. Anyone have some other ways they want to share?

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