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I am so stoked! My aunt, and ww buddy, just got me the Weight Watcher's New Complete Cookbook Momentum program edition from Walmart.  It has 500 recipes, and from the quick scan I have done it looks like lots of really great stuff!  I also lost this week at my weigh in, and I really didn't think I would this week. I have injured both my hip and my shoulder, so have had a really bad exercise week.  I can't lift, can't do sit ups, and can't even walk leisurely until my body heals, because I keep getting worse if I even do light housework, so I'm on forced couch potato mode. I hate it!  5 months ago it wouldn't have bothered me a bit to have an excuse to do nothing, but now I want to walk so bad I am about to lose my ever loving mind!  When I saw that .6 pound loss at my meeting today, my mood just turned right around, because I was sure I had gained, being such a slug all week.  I ate well, but used some of my weekly points, over half of them, so I was really worried.  Knowing I didn't lose ground this week really helped my attitude, and then the wonderful surprise my aunt bought me just put me right on a cloud of empowerment!  I am going to try new things this week, and stick as close as I can to my daily points and see if I can't lose a pound next week, even if I don't heal enough to do any walking or strength training.  I just feel so happy I had to share!

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