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In a slump :(

My name is Audrey. I started WW in February, and have had pretty good momentum until recently. My body seems to have stopped losing weight, even though I am following plan, and staying within my points allowance. I am getting discouraged, and have not been to a meeting in 3 weeks. I am not gaining or losing and huge amounts, the scale seems to go down a few ounces, and then up a few ounces... I am about half way to my goal, and my schedule doesn't really allow for structured excercise, so it's mainly a walk around the neighborhood, yardwork, and an occasional workout video... Any suggestions as to what I can do to jumpstart my weight loss again? I have completely stalled and it makes me so sad.

Here are my stats:

Height: 5 ft. 3 inches
Starting weight 2/17/10 - 174.0
Weight at last weigh in 5/14/10 - 151.8
Current weight - 150.0
Goal weight - 130.0

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