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Weight Watchers

it's not a diet. it's a lifestyle.

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slendersplendor wrote in _weightwatchers
First Off, I Just Wanted To Give A Big Thank You To Those Who Took The Time To Offer Sound Advice And Comforting Words During My Heartache, The Pain Is Still Fresh, But I Have A Better Outlook.
And Though I`m Sure This Has Probably Been Asked Quite A Bit, I Hope Your Not Tired Of Answering It:

What Are Your Favourite 0-2 Point Snacks?

Thanks :)

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baby carrots and hummus!
laughing cow cheese and light bread
apples, blueberries, strawberries

I am a crunchy fan, so Puffins original cereral! Each serving is 3/4 cup for 1 point. There is also my back up of the 100 calorie popcorn bags that are one point also.

Jello sugar free pudding

Dannon Light and Fit yogurt


Chicken broth

I <3 my Fiber One Oats & Chocolate Bars @2pts (although if you eat two it is 5.5pts :-/). I like them because I can keep one in my purse for those times I feel I'm getting hungry.

I also love steamed spinach for a quick snack, too. Especially with some lemon pepper - yum! What I'll do is get one of those steamer bags and fill it up with 1c. of spinach and a little water and plug it in until the spinach becomes wilted. Delicious and quick!

For when I have a sweet tooth- Jello sugar free single serve puddings help keep me on track points-wise.

Yesterday I ate two Fiber One bars and counted them as 2 each. I did eat them about an hour or more apart. Do you think I should take off a weekly for it? (I know I am being a little anal about this.)

If it was a considerable amount of time apart, I wouldn't worry about it. Our leader was saying how things like that shouldn't matter if you're eating them far apart in the day. However, if it becomes a habit and the scale isn't going where you want it, then it might be best to count it all in one serving.

That's an important thing about 0-2pt foods (well, really any food for that matter): 0+0 can sometimes equal 1 or 2 and 2+2 can equal 5.5..

Thanks. This week's meeting was on this topic (briefly for my location). I didn't think Fiber One bars would be one of these items (maybe everything is?). I am very aware of it for my 0 pt foods though. I am leaving it as 2 pts each for now. I weigh myself at home every morning and I was fine.

Sorry for responding twice!

Wow, late to the party and most of the good ones are taken. I'll add:

Fiber One bars (except the peanut butter)
Beef Jerkey
Muscle Milk (100 calorie light variety)
Low Fat String Cheese

Seconding the lf string cheese♥

I'd live off it if I could. haha :-p

Sugar free Jell-O: 0 points
Nonni's Biscotti: 2 points
Pretzel Crisps (thin, cracker-like pretzels): 2 points for 10
Krusteaz Fat Free muffins from mix: 2 points
GREAT BIG orange: 1 point
Arnold Sandwich Thin, toasted, with sugar free fruit spread: 1 point

bagel thins&ww cream cheese- 1 point and 1 point
apple- 1 point
ww yogurt- 1 pt
popcorn 94% fat free-1 point
fiber one yogurt- 0point

Spicy V8 juice, gaspacho, baby carrots

Baby bok choy or regular bok choy dipped in Bolthouse Farms light ranch dressing or Trader Joe's Low Fat Cilantro dressing.
Cucumbers in vinegar and water ( i remove the seeds)
Red or green bell peppers with or with out dip listed above.
Weight watchers yogurt.
Low fat or fat free cottage cheese with a tablespoon of fat free salsa mixed into it.

For the cottage cheese, I cut the serving size to 2/3 cups, then it goes from 3 points to 1.5 for the cottage cheese, the salsa is 0.

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