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Sunday Weigh on

First comes the bad news. I picked up 3.2 lbs this week. I'm not surprised nor upset.
The 10k yesterday was more important to me than the scale results and it's been a few decades since I've dumped a bunch of complex carbs on my body...I'm pretty sure I was going to do it wrong. My goal has nothing to do with a scale. Sure there will be some correlation but ultimately I want to be fit and active like I once was.

In those terms I had a FANTASTIC week. Today was the WW 5k Walk-It walk with my meeting group. On the whole, it went well. There were some small organizational issues at the beginning but I (and a few others) decided to run it and had a good time. Yesterday was the good stuff. I was a bit worried on Friday since they were forecasting rain for all of Saturday. We woke up and it was overcast but didn't look like rain. I was glad that I was able to bring my Veho MUVI along for the run since there are some wrinkles to operating it and I missed out on some key footage, most notably crossing the finish. I'm pleased to say I finished in 1:06. I had to slow my pace after pulling a hill around mile 5 but I still finished a full two minutes faster than I had hoped. I'm delighted not only with that time but what it bodes for a finishing time on the half.

This week, it's back on program and no more races until the half-marathon...I've still not mastered the zen of eating and exercise on race week so I'd rather avoid them until I'm closer to my goal weight.

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