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Size 16 Joy!

A little victory I just HAD to share...

I bought a pair of beautiful, white, size 16 hip slung trousers from the GAP last summer after I had my tonsils removed. Since I had been on a mainly liquid diet for 2 weeks, I had dropped a bunch of weight (good for the scale, but at 27 years old, a tonsillectomy is really not fun AT ALL regardless of what the scale says). The pants fit me when I bought them. About a month or 2 after surgery (after I went back to eating "real" food) they were already too tight & were filed in the back of my closet. I haven't been able to wear them since. 10 months of these beautiful pants just sitting in my closet. For shame...

When I decided to start eating well & exercising again, I tried them on. WAY too tight. So I kept them in the closet & decided I'd try again in a few weeks...

Well this morning, while getting ready for work & running around like a mad woman looking for something to wear (which often is the case in the morning for me!), I spotted the white pants... Pulled them out of the closet, slipped them on, & BAM! PERFECT FIT!!

I'm soooooo excited that they fit!!!

I've lost 15 lbs. total since I started my WW journey on April 6th. I've plateaued around 222-221 over the last week or so. No big deal, I know I need to get more exercise in, but my food intake has been great. I've made some delicious food that has literally brought tears to my eyes. Sounds dramatic but it's pure joy for a former mindless binge eater to come across how delicious good, healthy food really is.

Tomorrow I'm headed to NJ to be a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding. That dress is going to look smashing! I dreaded having to wear it when I first got it, but with a 15 lb. loss & a really great girdle, I'm going to look great! Can't wait!!

Thanks for listening! :)

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