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I decided on a whim to try a baby bok choy that was cheap at the local oriental grocery.  I also got some new(to me) dressing from Trader Joe's to use as a dip.  Low fat Cilantro Salad Dressing which is one tiny point for 2 tablespoons of cilantro yumminess!  I have found the baby choy to be a really satisfying crunchy snack that takes some chewing as well as being a great veggie. I like the green tops and the white stalks myself, as does the hubby, but my friends at work only liked the stalks.  If you have tried bok choy before and liked the white part a lot more, it might be better to just stick to the larger version, as there is less stalk and more green on the smaller choy.

I also used the wii fit my friend loaned me for the first time today, and I amazed myself on the yoga and strength exercises! I was blown away when my "trainer" said I am really strong and have great balance!! I guess all the ad lib strength training and walking I have been doing really have paid off! That really made me excited, because I thought I would really get low scores on everything and I got 4 stars on almost all the yoga and several of the strength!  Now, my balance, reflexes, and rhythm need work, but I am really happy with the first workout!

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