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Weigh in Sunday

It was another good week on the scales. I got in a lot of exercise, met my calorie burn targets and was spot on with my points. The scales rewarded me by telling me that I lost another 3 lbs. That makes for 127 lost with weight watchers and 153 total for a current weight of 253.2 lbs.

My wife and I joined a gym this week (LA Fitness). It's a lovely facility, they have a few classes that interest us and our free assessment with one of their trailers absolutely beat the heck out of us. I think I have a new favorite piece of indoor equipment! The trainer talked to us and knowing we run, wanted to take us out of our element and put us on a Stairmaster. I went up some 79 floors in 20 minutes and looked a lot like a drowned rat. MORE PLEASE! I also found out that my core still needs some work but on the whole, it was a great experience.

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