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New Toy!

I've been slipping for a while now. My "busy season" at work is from March - June, and it's hard to focus on weight loss when there's a billion treats in the kitchen and an office culture built on rewarding everyone for hard work with take-out. So I've been up for the past few weeks, and I've been annoyed with my own lack of control.

Now that I've finally got a grip on my own denial ("no, one piece of that won't hurt"), I've decided to reinvest in myself. So, I bought a new toy - an elliptical trainer.

I do have a gym membership, but pulling my sorry butt to the gym after a very long day at the office was just not happening. I decided that an in-home machine was the way to go: I can't avoid it if it's right there in the apartment! And I can watch part of my huge DVD collection and not feel bad about being a couch potato, since I'll be moving at the same time.

Needless to say, putting the razzafraggin' thing together took so much out of me yesterday that I didn't even try it out - just checked it was all together properly and would turn on. But I'm optimistic now, and I'm reinvigorated by my own goals. Here's hoping I get some momentum going again!

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