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Weight Watchers

it's not a diet. it's a lifestyle.

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Fillin' Foods!
rheavon wrote in _weightwatchers
Okay- spill it, people. What are your top 3 favorite filling foods?

1. Spinach (can be mixed into ANYTHING).
2. Skinless Chicken Breast (extremely versatile for any main dish).
3. Black Beans (lately I've been liking 'em with an egg & salsa in the morning, but great for TexMex).

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1. Apples. If I eat an apple, I feel like I just ate a full meal!
2. Butternut squash
3. Turkey (ground, deli, white meat; you name it!)

Me too, I don't get it. I feel full for maybe 30 minutes, then I'm STARVING!!

Venison! While it's not listed but how can it not qualify?
Mushrooms...all kinds, NOMNOMNOM

Brown Rice!
A Huge Salad!

I prefer very large salads, but huge salads are good too. ;)

no point veggie curry. so satisfying! with rice :)

Oh...will you please post this recipe? I love curry!

I am making Fitnessista's eggplant curry right now. Except I doubled it and added only one eggplant, one onion, PLUS several baby zucchinis, and 1 bag baby carrots. I hope it is tasty (it smells good) and I would be interested in seeing other recipes out there.


pasta, especially nice to eat with veggies.

1. 99% fat free ground turkey! Tastes great with EVERYTHING.
2. blueberries. Frozen bags are cheap and great in yogurts or salads!
3. whole-wheat pasta. It's tasty and so filling that I only cook 1/2 a serving.

1. Quinoa! I eat it for breakfast with apples and almond milk or as a salad or with chicken...endless possibilities with this power food..
2. Eggs - mostly scrambled with veggies and salsa. Quick protein and good for breakfast or for dinner with black beans
3. Fruit (frozen and fresh). Delicious alone or with greek yogurt or a smidge of almond butter.

It varies. And most of mine are mini meals.

1. spinach
(Love 1. sauteed spinach, tabasco, beans, salt & pepper. 2. sauteed spinach and mushrooms to fill a quesadilla with low-fat cheese and salsa. 3. Adding a few handfuls to smoothies. 4. Raw)

2. skim milk

(With cereal or in smoothies. Even coffee.)

3. apples

Squash(butternut or spaghetti)

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