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I am BEYOND frustrated with weight watchers right now…beyond! So I haven’t lost a single pound in two weeks. I know two weeks may not seem like a lot but I just came off of a month long plateau. So I know the questions that will come…I’m tracking EVERYTHING I put in my mouth, I’m getting all of my water/veggies/etc, I’ve tried eating my activity points, not eating them, etc. I’m not retaining water, etc. I eat well basically all natural foods.

I’m a nursing mother and talked with leader about lowering my points I receive because I nurse, she recommended not cutting my points as my daughter still nurses frequently and I work out daily.

So what are your thoughts??? I know that I am in a much better place health wise than I was several months ago when I began this journey, but I looked back and I’ve only lost a few pounds since January….not the 1-2 lbs a week weight watchers suggests. Frustrated! I’m not quitting…venting…thinking about other options but I’m still going to keep working on my healthy lifestyle!
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