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Helpful ideas needed!

My aunt is my weight watcher's buddy.  This is her third go-round on the program, and she has had the most fabulous attitude, and is 2 lbs from her 50 lb mark.  She started losing before starting back officially on the program with me, to help motivate me, so she won't get the 50 lb disc yet, but still, she's doing terrific!  Yesterday her doctor told her she almost positively has Rheumatoid Arthritis, and she has to go on steroids.  She is terrified. Not, as you might think, and as she would have every right to, because of the pain she has in store for her future. She is terrified that the steroids will do what they have in the past and mess with her motivation.  She has become very cranky, and negative, and ravenously hungry every time she has had to take steroids in the past.  She has asked me to help her figure out how to stop herself from binge eating out of constant hunger, and how to help keep her positive attitude and motivation this time around.  The past two times she was on program, she quit after starting on steroids.  I know veggies and lean proteins are the keys to lasting fullness normally. but does anyone have any ideas other than that and lots of water?  She does drink a lot of water now, and lately she has not wanted to eat meat at all, it just hasn't sounded good.  It might change when she is constantly hungry, though.  We also need ideas for shorter bursts of activity and exercise that won't put too much stress on her sore joints. She is not very flush financially, but she is considering a gym  membership to be able to swim.
One last thing if you don't mind.  My aunt's name is Joanne, and if you believe in prayer, could you send one up for her, please?  Thanks in advance for your ideas!

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