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Weight Watchers

it's not a diet. it's a lifestyle.

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New found resolve
missuh wrote in _weightwatchers
I have just been brutal all of April...losing and regaining the same 4 lbs over and over.

No more! I am down to three months pre-wedding and no more messing around!

I am starting to work out again today...my question is....what type of workout do you guys find has the best results. I just finished running my first half marathon and it made little dif in my weight!

I am going to try a crossfit type approach...unless you guys have another idea! I am thinking run 15; weights for 10 upper body; elliptical 15; weights for 10 lower. Going to try this five times this week and see how it goes!

Does anyone have a really good fat blasting, make the pounds die hard workout!?!? hehe

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Just a suggestion: you may have more success tinkering with your caloric intake at this point than your exercise. If you were training for a half marathon, and are capable of running one, you're probably already getting a very sufficient amount of exercise. The last thing you'd want to do is add more and burn out. (P.S. Amazing, amazing, amazing on the half marathon :)

Weight training might not make a big scale difference either, but I think it's great you're going to focus on it, since it makes a huge body composition difference. And maybe try interval training to get even fitter cardio-wise? You might make some real gains, without losing 2 hours of your day on crazy-long runs :)

Maybe monitor your calorie intake for the next few days and see if a shake-up needs to happen there?

Just suggestions, but I do think weight loss is 80% caloric intake and 20% activity levels. Health is probably the reverse and so much more important. So again, no underestimating that half marathon. You fueled your body awesomely and it rocked!

Thank you!!! I was pretty stoked about finishing it!

Sadly...I bottomed out the moment I finished!!! I have been pretty much inactive the past 6 weeks since I finished! It was so time consuming and so much work I think I just petered out!

Food is definiately my biggest issue. Right now I get 26 points a day and that can be a struggle for me to stick to that - especially when I work out! nom nom nom I could just eat everything!!!

What do you find with using your weeklies and activity points!? I can't really figure out what my body wants to do with those!

Weights, weights, weights.
Lean muscle mass changes your basal metabolic rate. More meat=more calories needed to feed it.
That said, smaller-soon is likely on the right track. Even adding more meat you are probably rapidly reaching the point of burning as much as you are going to burn short of going full-bore gym rat.

I totally need to eat more protein! I'm having yogurt now! I need to make sure I get it with my snacks! :)

Will u be able to move between activities quickly? I just do a block of cardio and then weights or do my cardio outside the gym. Can u do more cardio, maybe at a slower pace?

I think adding in one lonnnnnnnnnnnnng walk on sat or sun is a great idea! Slow and steady burns a lot of fat!

The reason I'm going to bounce back and forth - the idea being that the cardio keeps your heart rate up and you keep burning away as you do the weights...the whole idea behind circuit training. I figured I'd give it a shot and see what the body does!

I love this workout - http://www.weightwatchers.com/util/art/index_art.aspx?tabnum=1&art_id=36291&sc=3052

Straight from the WW website. :-) I highly recommend it. I used it before my wedding. :-)

Awww man this sounds perfect! But the american site won't recognize my canadian account :( I searched for the article on the .ca but nothing came up! GRRRR

Thanks for the suggestion though. It sound so goooooooooood!

Wait! I have it!!! YAY!!! :D!

Woohooo I just kicked my own butt with this!
I ran 15 minutes; did one set of the buff bride; ran 15 more minutes; did another set! Wow...GOOD work out!!! about 55 min..perfect! Thanks so much.

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