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Shamrock 8K in Virginia Beach

Last year in January or so, a friend of mine talked me into signing up for the Yuengling Shamrock 8K in Virginia Beach. I won't lie, the idea of free beer afterward was a motivator for me.

I didn't train really hard last year, and my time for the 8K (4.97 miles) was 1 hour 3 minutes. However, after that race, I kept running and signing up for other races.

This weekend was my second Shamrock 8K and I was anxious to see how much progress I've made in  year. I ran the 8K in 53 minutes and 12 seconds!! That's a 10:40 average mile, which compared to my normal training pace of 11:30, I was VERY pleased! I cut an additional 3 minutes of my 56-minute 8K in Richmond in November.

Progress, kids, PROGRESS! Yay!

Now, I've got a 6.2 mile race (10K) in Richmond this weekend! I'm addicted!
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