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Weight Watchers

it's not a diet. it's a lifestyle.

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Reached my 10% goal!
yesssican wrote in _weightwatchers
Hallelujah, I've finally made it. I think I was stuck shortly before that 'magic' 108 kg for several weeks now (I blame stress at work that led to a few days binging on chocolate or Indian cuisine). Finally I've made it. Today's weigh-in says: 107,9 kg. Hooray.
Plus, I've taken new measurements, and so far I've lost more than 10cm around my hips and waist each. Not losing too much round the thighs so far (1,5 cm), but maybe that'll improve slightly soon, since I finally manage to exercise regularly. And I can't believe that I'm saying this, but I - couch potato no. 1 - am actually enjoying it. I'm having fun at gym classes *shakes head disblievingly* This week was best so far. Our regular coach was sick and the woman who filled in for her had never done that class (a special class for overweight people) before. God, she did torture us quite a bit. Much more demanding than usual, but apart from one moment when I had to slow down a bit I managed to keep up with her :) Unfortunately I forgot to ask what other classes she's giving. They might be worth looking into. Maybe the guy at the reception desk can tell me next week.
Now I need to set a new goal. I think another 10% would be great, as this would lead me below 100kg for the first time in nearly a decade. Plus, I'm planning to go on holiday in June (watching some musicals in London) and I finally want to be able to buy something like a souvenir t-shirt that fits properly.
Oh, and I want to reward myself for reaching the 10%. I really want to have one of those charms bracelets (bonus: I could add more charms for more goals reached), but on the other hand a mat for some exercise on my living room floor would be great either. What do you think?

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WAY TO GO!!!!! that's amazing! I just love love love hitting these kinds of milestones (I'm almost at a 10%, probably next week if I stop overeating)

Get a charm bracelet! I'm getting my nose pierced LOL :) I mean, a mat is nice, but you can have that charm bracelet with you as a reminder to make healthy decisions all the time !

ps. I never knew the gym could be fun but I LOVE IT TOO!

Edited at 2010-03-20 01:20 pm (UTC)

Thanks. Yeah, reaching those milestones is a great feeling. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you to reach yours.

I went to the jeweller's yesterday afternoon and got the bracelet and a first charm. I'm loving it (and it's actually the first piece of 'real' jewellery I own, all my other stuff is just fake). I've already laid eyes on another charm for when I get below the 100 kg :)

Those big milestones are just wonderful to pass...it makes you hungry for the next one, which I suppose is the point.
I'm a huge fan of celebrating those victories in any (non-food) way that will keep it present in your head. Heck I'd get both funding permitting. I tend to look at fitness gear as a need, right up there in my purchasing priorities with food and clothes.

Thank you. It's an awesome feeling. And you're right, I can't wait to reach the next one now *lol*
I got the bracelet yesterday afternoon (and have already laid my eyes on another charm for when I get below 100kg). I guess the mat would have felt a little too much like a "need" and not a reward. I'll get it next month, for the time being a blanket has to make do.

If it's at all possible, get them both!

I had to decide, and went for the bracelet now. The mat will have to wait until next month :)

Brava! This is wonderful! You've worked hard and we can all clearly see the results!

(Deleted comment)
Got it (and a first charm). I've already laid eyes on another piece for when I reach my next milestone. A great reward system :)

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