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Five Percent Goal

After having a crappy week last week in which I lost only 4 ounces and was left feeling dolorous and depressed, I decided to buck up and change it up.

So, though I kept to the same points values, I changed what I was eating (I'd gotten into a bit of a rut) and added more good fat (I remember my nutritionist saying that we need fat to lose weight). End result - I lost 2.2 pounds this week. Yay! :)

(BSP is a real sweets freak) - substituting applesauce and/or diet butter/margarine for oils and full butter, Splenda for sugar or Splenda with a tbsp of molassess for brown sugar, and had varied results. I ended up making an awesomely delicious peanut butter cookie - still 2 points each for 3.5 inch across, but well worth it, we thought. lol Disasters were thumbprint cookies - at 2 points for three, they looked like a good bet, but ended up tasting like and having the consistency of bland biscuit with a dab of jam on top.

Other successes: I found some great recipe tips on the Canadian Diabetes Foundation site - all low fat with low or no sugar (very points friendly); and I developed a DELICIOUS tofu/brown rice in peanut sauce dish that's 6 points per serving and very filling (this despite the fact that it looks disappointingly small before you add the nice, crisp, veggies.)

If anyone wants the recipe I'm happy to provide it. :)

Anyway - all in all a good week. I'm looking forward to the next one.

Happy early St. Patrick's Day!

Week Six - reached 5% goal (go me!) :D
SW: 223
CW: 211
GW: 155

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