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The scale finally moved and it went DOWN :) I was stuck at 192.5 for three weeks and I lost 1/2 a pound this week...192! I know it's not huge, but I will take any movement in the downward motion that scale gives me. Also we had great weather in Michigan this past weekend so that meant lots of outdoor time. I watched my husband run a 5k (he's lost 35 lbs on ww and is at his goal weight) and I decided to start running with a goal of running a 5k at the end of July in my hometown. I also signed up to start exercise classes (starting in April) as my husband is done coaching basketball and will be home now to watch our daughter. So I will get to go enjoy a hard workout and he will get some daddy daughter time!

I'm excited!

Also a huge plus is we started feeding our little one solids (we are following baby led weaning) and I can't believe how much healthier we have been eating. Planning her meals has truly made me look at what I was eating (lots of quick, packaged meals) we are making a menu for the week using natural ingredients and trying to get throw out all of the boxed meals or ingredients!

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