Mel (jugglejuggle) wrote in _weightwatchers,

WW Endorses Several McDonalds Menu Items in NZ

I just heard this on the radio!

Anger over Weight Watchers' endorsement of McDonald's

• 'Diet-friendly' menu to roll out in New Zealand
• Nutritionists says tie-up does not promote healthy eating

Weight Watchers in New Zealand is endorsing their logo on several items on the MCDONALDS menu. The surprise is that it's their fish-filet, chicken mcnuggets & a sweet chilli chicken wrap.

I'm sorry, but if you're going to promote something on their menu, this is the WRONG way to go. I certainly hope WW thinks twice about doing this in the USA. I know that WW might want to change their image a little so it's more appealing to more people, but come on....the filet-o-fish? That's 9 points!

What's your opinion?
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