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today's weigh in and a NSV

I'm almost there. At my 10%-goal that is. After 3 weeks where I didn't really lose much, this week I started exercising (played fun versions of rugby, handball and basketball for about 90 minutes on Thursday), and that seems to have helped. I've lost another 800g, and now am only half a kilo away from that first 10%. Hopefully I'll be there next week or the week after.
So my current stats are:
starting weight: 120,3 kg
last week: 109,3 kg
current weight: 108,5 kg
goal weight: 76-80 kg

What has been bothering me a little lately is that I thought you couldn't really see those nearly 12kg loss. I'm aware that this is probably only because I see myself every day in the mirror, and small continuous changes don't register too well, but still, I needed to see a real change. Which happened today: I went shopping for a pair of trousers (a "real" pair of jeans, not the sweatpants I bought last week), and *hooray!* I'm down one size. At the belly they're still a bit tight (not uncomfortably tight, though), but the real difference is my backside: so much better in this tighter pants than in my other pairs, which all looked a little too big by now. So: *hooray* for shopping trip, as it restored my motivation a lot.
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