sam (kinsey_six) wrote in _weightwatchers,

second week

weighed in today...  after gaining .2 lb during my first week, i lost 5 lb this week!!

starting weight   225.8 lb
current weight    221.0 lb

short term goal weight       200.0 lb
long term goal weight        140.0 lb

i've realized that i don't eat much during the day.  i'm very busy at work, so i don't have time to think about food much.  when i get home, i'm very hungry, so i eat.  i stay within my points, but i eat it all at night and then it just sits in my stomach.  i need to do better to eat more during the day... healthy snacks between meals.  then i won't be so hungry when i get home.  i made that change for this week, and it showed!

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