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Hi!  Just wanted to do a quick intro.  This feels like my 100th go around with WW.  I really hope I can do something that sticks this time.  Last year I spent a majority of the year kicking and screaming to lose 16lbs on Jenny Craig...then I got married and after my wedding went into major depression/I don't know what to do now with my time mode and ate and stopped exercising and am back to where I started 2009.

I'm a runner...not a fast one, and I'm still working on the whole distance thing...but I've finally gotten back to the point where running is what I do so that's what I'll call myself.  So anywho...since the new year I've been on a plan to tackle my first 10K.  It's going okay...but it would go better if I could get some of this poundage off.

I tried to start WW again on Friday, but this weekend didn't go anything as tomorrow will be day one for me.  Hopefully the last day one I have.  I'm jaded and really hoping to just have a few healthy days this week so I can "feel it" again.

Stats: (I'm 5'4")

HW..ever - 215
SW - 196

First goal - 185
Goal - 140

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