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I've been a little bummed the last three weeks since my progress has slowed dramatically (and I attribute this largely to me - the program is still completely awesome, I just haven't been following it as faithfully of late), but none the less, I've lost enough that I only have two pairs of jeans that really fit me as they should, one of them too dressy to wear on an every day basis, and two that fit me okay, but that I feel frumpy in. I've been reluctant to go buy any others because, ideally, I'm not going to be wearing them very long, but I also hate wearing the same things over and over (plus my work clothes look even more ridiculous on me than my jeans), so I finally gave in and went shopping today. My first time since I joined WW. Oh man.

In women's I am comfortably a size 10/12. In junior's, thanks to having wider hips than a 15 year old, I'm a 15/17. In dress clothes/slacks, I'm a 14. I believe jeans related victories make me far, far happier than scale victories (though I do love those, too!), so today was a good day. It was just so unexpected. The last time I bought clothes, I was barely squeezing my butt into womens/dress 16s with some give to them. YES!

WW Journey Began: 10/11/09
WW Start: 210 | WW Current: 186.6 | WW Goal: 130

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