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Vietnamese Chicken Salad Rolls

I order the Vietnamese Chicken Salad Rolls at Pei Wei. The site used to list the nutritionals for the entire order at 7 points for rolls+sauces. Lately they released a new nutrition sheet, and it puts the total at 14 points! I'm not sure how that could be right, especially since the takeout rammekin they give with the peanut butter sauce is small, and usually isn't even halfway full.

I still eat these because they are filling and tasty. I count them for their new total of 14 pts, even though this doesn't seem right. I'm worried if I counted them at 7, I'd end up way over points, but if I count them as 14, I may be sabotoging myself by eating too LITTLE (Because if they are actually closer to 7 pts, that's 7 points for one day I'd be missing out on. That's substantial.)

Anyone know anything about this?
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