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[Question] Workout DVDs

Well, my Florida trip was a blast, but those three weeks of not goign to weigh-in are demanding payback. I'm up 5 lbs (OUCH), but I'm sure I can get it off. I'm back on track with the tracker and my eating habits, but I have a big problem with the exercise part...

I'm having trouble getting motivated in the cold weather! It's slushy and wet and cold and windy outside (I live in Ontario, near a lake) so I don't want to go outside when I get home from work! I walk to and from work each day, which is a short walk (under 10 minutes) and I walk to meetings once a week (30 minutes each way). But I don't want to walk to the gym - it's a pain to plow through the snow, get all sweaty and have to shower & change just so I can slog through it again to get home.

So I'd like invest in a few workout DVDs. A friend has also loaned me his Wii Fit, so I can see what that's like. But I want some different things to compare.

With all that in mind, does anyone have a recommendation for a workout DVD you love? Something that was easy to start, could modify over time, and didn't require a bunch of extra equipment to do - that's what I want.

I'd love to hear what people liked - I'm willing to pick up 2 or 3 and see what I like best (after all, if I really hate 'em, the second hand store will find someone who wants them). Comments? Recommendations? Anything you truly hated? Or any comments on the Wii Fit? I'd like to hear it all! Thanks guys!!
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