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Weight Watchers

it's not a diet. it's a lifestyle.

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[Question] Workout DVDs
not fake Nathan
nessun wrote in _weightwatchers
Well, my Florida trip was a blast, but those three weeks of not goign to weigh-in are demanding payback. I'm up 5 lbs (OUCH), but I'm sure I can get it off. I'm back on track with the tracker and my eating habits, but I have a big problem with the exercise part...

I'm having trouble getting motivated in the cold weather! It's slushy and wet and cold and windy outside (I live in Ontario, near a lake) so I don't want to go outside when I get home from work! I walk to and from work each day, which is a short walk (under 10 minutes) and I walk to meetings once a week (30 minutes each way). But I don't want to walk to the gym - it's a pain to plow through the snow, get all sweaty and have to shower & change just so I can slog through it again to get home.

So I'd like invest in a few workout DVDs. A friend has also loaned me his Wii Fit, so I can see what that's like. But I want some different things to compare.

With all that in mind, does anyone have a recommendation for a workout DVD you love? Something that was easy to start, could modify over time, and didn't require a bunch of extra equipment to do - that's what I want.

I'd love to hear what people liked - I'm willing to pick up 2 or 3 and see what I like best (after all, if I really hate 'em, the second hand store will find someone who wants them). Comments? Recommendations? Anything you truly hated? Or any comments on the Wii Fit? I'd like to hear it all! Thanks guys!!

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I can't find the one I own (because my copy is at work, ha ha) but it's walk a mile in 15 minutes. It was easy for me when I started it and I have been satisfied with the one tape I have.

And I've heard lots of good things about the wii fit, but don't own a wii myself, so can't help you there. ;]


I LOVE my walk away the pounds DVDs.

I switch out and do the 2 mile then will do the walk and kick and occasionally change it up with one of the power walk ones.

No extra equipment needed at all. When she does weights you can use soup cans or go without.

Very worth the investment (which isn't much for a DVD)

I recently made a post about this on my blog outlining what I use to workout at home, focusing on yoga, kickboxing, and core/strength training. You can read it at: http://kitzzyfit.blogspot.com/2010/01/at-home-workouts.html

I suggest you also check out the QuickFix DVD series and the 10-Minute Solutions DVD series. They have a ton of different titles and each includes 3-5 10-minute workouts that you can mix and match. The QuickFix series has an on-screen countdown clock that really helps the time fly. Do a search on Amazon for these and they'll come up. If you have netflix, they have many of them that you can try before you buy.

Also, check out http://www.fitdeck.com/ These are decks of cards that you can shuffle for a different workout each time and most do not require any equipment. They help keep things interesting from day to day. I own 3 decks that I use regularly: bodyweight, core blast, and cross train.

Good luck!

If you have a subscription to Netflix, it's a great way to test out different DVD workouts to see which ones work for you.

I was going to suggest this as well. And also the local library for the same reason.

Since the OP and I live in Canada, we don't have netflix but we DO have zip.ca...their cheapest plan is $10/month and its where i've gotten a TON of dvds from!
I love the Workouts for Dummies series, and of course the 30 Day Shred...yowza!

I love the 30 Day Shred. There's 3 different levels and all you need are 5lb weights.

"Easy" REALLY depends on your fitness level, so I'm a bit unsure, but these are the ones I rotate:

- 30 Day Shred. It's pretty challenging (for me) but it's really short (20 mins) so it's good for days when you're short on time. I actually have only done level 1 because I don't do it that often - I do longer cardio most days so I only do the shred once a week or every two weeks or so. You don't need much, just light weights, and you can increase the weights for a harder workout (I alternate between 3 lb and 5 lb weights depending on the exercise)

- Jillian Michaels' cardio kickbox DVD, and Frontside and Backside DVD. I got these in a set for Christmas from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Jillian-Michaels-Ultimate-Beginners-Frontside/dp/B000X44XPQ/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=dvd&qid=1263701907&sr=8-2 but you can also buy them separately from Amazon. The cardio kickbox is a bit easier than the shred but is similar in that it is fairly intense and only 20 minutes. The Frontside and Backside videos are definitely more beginner-oriented but I really like them. They're about 40 minutes a piece and she does circuit training by doing cardio, strength, and abs (similar to the Shred, but a LOT easier and more focused on strength training). I do the Frontside/Backside videos for my less intense workouts. They just require small weights. Resistance bands are good for it too but you can do it without them. You don't need any equipment for the cardio kickbox.

- I have an aerobics step and if you want to get a really good endurance workout I really recommend investing in one if you have the funds. They are sort of pricy though (like $80-$90 for a good one, though I think you can find them for $30 or $40) but they last forever, there are tons of different DVDs you can use and it's a GREAT workout. If you do get a step, I really highly recommend Gin Miller's video for beginners called Everybody Steps which I think is around 45 minutes. She teaches all the basic moves which is good for someone who is really uncoordinated like me. Step is really 80s and dorky but it's fun for me and keeps me interested. She has a video called "Simply Step" too which is a lot harder and really kicks my butt - it's about 50-60 minutes and I do it on the days where I know I need a really good workout.

- My sister had a DVD called Pilates for Dummies that she swears by. I didn't have the chance to ever try it out though.

I really dig the 30 day shred, and the Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga. I've actually had better results with the yoga.

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