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Back home

So for a little more than one week I was on holiday in the UK (returned home yesterday, after involuntarily spending one night in an airport hotel. Love the snow...).
And even though my scales told me this morning that I lost weight during this time (minus 0.5 kg, so overall I lost 9.1 kg now) I still feel horrible, because I know I did not lose it in a very healthy way. Instead of eating proper meals, veggies etc. I ran around the city until I was starving and then got whatever was available (like a cheeseburger or something...). Ew! So basically what I did was eating too little and when I did it was the wrong choice of food.
Although even the city of Cardiff tried to get me back on track. I found this on a board near the bay, and honestly, I had a good laugh at the fact they announced weigh-ins as an 'activity' right between the opening times for a visitor centre and the announcement for an upcoming concert :D

Still, I need to go back onto the plan. Will make my meal plans for the weekend now, then go shopping (through the snow... good exercise). I want to reach a weight where I don't have the feeling to ruin my holiday pics. One chin less would really help with that:

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