Amanda (zechal) wrote in _weightwatchers,

What motivates you?

I think the motivator in my life is my daughter, my husband and I talked about wanting to get healthy for her, because we want to be here to watch her grow up and we want to set the right example for her. She was born September 12th and since then I’ve lost 45 lbs. My husband started ww when I was still pregnant and he’s lost about 30 lbs and is at his goal weight of 160. He works out every night and I am so proud of him. Now we eat healthy meals together, plan ahead, we encourage each other to get that work out in even when we are tired, and we do it all in front of our daughter. We don’t go to meetings but follow the program with all of the materials from when I went before. One of our goals is that we are going to run a 5k this summer together with our daughter in her jogging stroller, I can’t wait! Is there any better motivation in the world than your child???
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