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Working Out

I've been losing weight steadily just counting points but know that I need to start working out for my health and to tone up! Baby belly is a disaster! But....I'm having a really hard time getting in a workout and I know that a lot of people may say, find the time, etc but with a 12 week old, nursing, work, grad school, by the end of the day I'm beat. Add on cold weather that I can't take baby girl outside for walks it makes it hard. I've been using my baby carrier when we go to the stores so I have her additional weight while I'm walking around (plus my hands are free to grab things, so much nicer than a stroller!) and I've been doing push ups/sit ups in the am before baby gets up. But I'm struggling to get cardio in. I have a lot of DVD's but most are at least 30 minutes and I have a hard time finding the time to get that in, plus changing into workout clothes, getting cleaned up afterwards all while baby cooperates.

I'm trying to get her on some sort of schedule so I can add cardio into my routine, but was thinking that maybe there is some sort of baby and me cardio workout I could do.....any ideas?
Tags: exercise, motherhood

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