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Just a few weigh in updates and some NSV's

So far:

w01 Sept. 13, 09 (start): 417.8
w02 Sept. 20, 09: 411 (-6.8)
w03 Sept. 27, 09: 408.4 (-2.6)
w04 Oct. 4, 09: 399.2 (-9.2)
w05 Oct. 11, 09: 398.8 (-0.4)
w06 Oct. 18, 09: 393.2 (-5.6) 5%!
w07 Oct. 25, 09: 390.4 (-2.8)
w08 Nov. 01, 09: 385.2 (-5.2)
w09 Nov. 08, 09: IN VA MISSED
w10 Nov. 15, 09: 381.8 (-3.4)
w11 Nov. 22, 09: 377.8 (-4.0)
w12 Nov. 29, 09: 374.2 (-3.6) 10%!
Total Loss: 43.6

I finally got into a size 28 pants that I bought as goal pants, seat belts fit me better, and I am walking so so much better than ever before! This is pretty exciting.

This week so far (I weigh in on Sundays) has been kinda slow. I have an injury keeping me from the gym. Hopefully tomorrow will be better and I will be able to get there.

I hope that everyone else is doing well also!

p.s. Has anyone tried the Dark Chocolate Raspberry mini bars from WW? They have saved me from a Hershey's disaster plenty of times. Do you know if any of the other mini bars or products are any good?
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