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I'm back

I’m ready to come back! On my wedding day (August 2007) I weighed 164, in December of 2008, I weighed 211. Needless to say, marriage, a new job and then my father getting seriously injured at work took a huge toll on my weight. Then I got the best news of my life, I was pregnant and due in September 2009. Well, at the end of my pregnancy I weighed 241.5 and it’s been three weeks since the birth of my beautiful baby girl and I am weighing in at 217 (Sunday). I am breast feeding so I know that I will get to my pre-pregnancy weight shortly. I’m worried about getting under that weight though.

My husband has been doing ww for the last 4 weeks and has lost 15 lbs (he is down to 175 and wants to hit he came up with that number I have no idea). But we’ve both been doing much better on our eating habits! Having a child makes you think twice about putting food in your mouth!

My stats:

Age- 26
Height- 5’4”
Highest weight- 241.5
Current weight- 217
Short term goal- 211 (pre-pregnancy weight)
Long term goal weight- 150

I plan on aiming for 10 lbs at a time 

At this time I’m using the core program and just trying to choose as many healthy foods as possible and focusing on my hunger. I don’t think I have time to count points just yet!
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