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Weigh In Update and call for recipes!

Hello All-- First my weigh in info

SW: 225 (Summer of 2007ish)
Last Week: 158.5
This Week: 155. 5
GW: 140 or a Size 8, whichever comes first.

Which brings me up to 69.5lbs total lost (!!) Also today I went and packed up on groceries for a few weeks (our fridge is dismal looking...) and had a little bit of a rough time carrying everything home (live in NYC and walk/carry everything..well everywhere..) and for some reference stepped on the scale holding all the bags and lo and behold -- 230lbs! I was carrying all that extra weight I just used to have on my body and it was great being able to put it down. :)

Also today at the green grocer I was reminded that it was fall by the skyrocketing prices of fruit and the appearance of squashes of all shapes and sizes, and little eggplants too! I know some people use spaghetti squash instead of pasta.... but was wondering if anyone else had awesome WW recipes for these gourds. (Not only are they WW friendly but at .45 cents a pound they're great on the pocketbook too)

Thanks in advance!
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